Since 1998, Australian security businesses have trusted Monitoring Excellence to provide A1 graded alarm monitoring services to their customers.

If you’d like to join us, please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Western Australian Control Room
Karlo Perkov – 0409 787 740

New South Wales Control Room
Jaques Van Zyl – 0449 558 240

Since 1998, Australian security businesses have trusted Monitoring Excellence to provide A1 graded alarm monitoring services to their customers.

The service we provide to your customers reflects on your business. We are customer driven so you can rest assured we strive to offer the best possible quality and outcome in everything we do for your enterprise.

We understand the challenges and requirements of running a successful business in a competitive market. In addition to our best-in-class monitoring service, we further add value to your security business by providing exclusive benefits if you become a reseller.

Business Development Assistance

As a national business and part of an ASX listed company, our experience allows us to share with you, valuable market and sector information or provide direct business and operational advice to help you grow your enterprise. As a Reseller we look forward to working with you to specifically develop a solution for your business. Your success is also our success.

Capacity and Capability for Growth and Support

Our national control centres are located in Perth and Sydney. Our understanding of the monitoring market dynamics, along with leveraging state of the art technology has made available to our Resellers a large on demand monitoring capacity. This monitoring capacity and our technical capability will allow for the smooth transition of any size reseller into our monitoring infrastructure. This creates the opportunity for resellers to grow their customer base while maintaining a high level of client servicing and retention.

Professionalism and Transparency

Our control room staff treat all clients and customers in a professional and respectful manner. We speak to your customers directly and not through messaging. As a Reseller we are talking to your clients on your behalf and these clients are as important to us as they are to you. With this professional commitment and as an ASX listed company we hold a market profile that may be leveraged by our Resellers. Our status and compliance requirements provide considerable transparency to you, your customers and your market.

Information Sharing, Training and Ongoing Research and Development

As a technology based industry you have to be on the cutting edge as change is a constant. We are up to date and always in step with new technologies and market developments, be they national or international. We’re actively involved in researching new technologies to see how they can be developed to benefit our Resellers. Very important to the ongoing business relationship with our Resellers is the continuous education, training and information sharing process that we provide. Keeping up to date with new products and services is a key driver for mutual success.