What if your parent fell over right now and couldn’t move?

SAFE@HOME is the solution.

Do you know if your parent is safe right now?


safe@home is a Pendant, worn as a watch or a necklace. Once pushed, the Pendant connects to a Base Station that signals for help.

The Base Station acts as a hands-free phone, connecting them to the Threat Protect Monitoring Control Centre.

Threat Protect then notifies you of their condition, potentially saving your loved one hours, even days, injured on the ground.

It costs less than $2 a day.

Rebates available for NDIS and local council*

Quick Response – Rest assured, we will act if an alarm is signalled. We will try and make contact with you and then make an assessment of what action needs to take place – whether it be calling an ambulance, the police, the fire brigade or your family, friend or neighbour. In the event we cannot communicate clearly with you, an ambulance will be immediately dispatched.